A Design Platform for Real Estate Agents

Delight your customer with designs that take minutes, not hours. Housing professionals love Stagger's drag-and-drop templates, easy-to-use design tools, and location-based yard signs. With Stagger you get:

  • Drag-and-Drop Design
  • Brand Library Manager
  • Professionally Design Templates
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Location-Based QR Codes and Yard Signs

Here's Your Sign.

Stagger Sign

A sign that gives home buyers a key to every house on the block.

With Stagger, real estate agents, designers, and architects can give passersby a look into a house without ever leaving the sidewalk or picking up a printed brochure. 

That’s because Stagger’s location-based QR codes only deliver content relevant to the sign’s location. 

This creates a seamless experience for potential home buyers and reduces the time and money spent by agents on property flyers. 


How Stagger Signs Work.


Step 1: Map Your Content

Create a Stagger Flyer using the Stagger editor and professionally designed templates. Map your flyer to an address or location, then publish your flyer to your public Stagger board.

Create a location-based QR code

Step 2: Print your Sign

Create a sign with your personal location-based QR code. You can print this QR code on any number of signs, and the code will only pull flyers that are in closest proximity to the user scanning the sign.

Create a location-based QR code

Step 3: Plant it. We'll do the rest!

Plant your sign and let the qualified real estate leads flow in! Every time someone scans the QR code, Stagger will display flyers related to that user's location. And with Stagger, you can track how many prospects scanned your QR code, and how long they spend on each page of your portfolio. 

Featured work

Stagger puts your brand building on autopilot.

The Stagger Board

Showcase and manage all of your flyers in one place.

Need an easier way to manage all those flyers? With Stagger, you can design, publish, and showcase all of your content on a personalized portfolio page. Link your flyer to a Stagger yard sign and only show the projects in the vicinity of a posted sign. 


Use your brand library to keep your creative consistent every time

We know how important it is to keep your image consistent. We provide all the tools to make sure you’re using the right colors, proper fonts and the correct images for your brand or organization. Our Brand Library is the source of truth that will keep your designs honest.

Stagger TemplateLibrary

Access design templates that elevate your brand’s storytelling

Designing is hard. But it doesn't have to be. Stagger design templates help save time without sacrificing quality because Stagger makes professional design accessible to everyone. The housing market moves fast, and now, so can you.


Analytics to help you tell your story more effectively

Quickly analyze your story embedded on within your web platforms and see how they’re performing. Gain insight on how to optimize your story to your audience and where they’re interacting most.


Start Storytelling for Real Estate and Housing Professionals


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