Using Location-Based Content to Improve Your Customer Experience

Are you interested in using QR codes to enhance your customer experience? Learn how location-based content delivery, when paired with location-sensitive QR codes, provides a more seamless customer experience and why now is the perfect time to implement this technology. 

Selling a home using a location-based qr code

In this White Paper You will learn:

  • Current trends regarding QR Codes
  • How to personalize content based on location
  • Usecases for location-based content and QR codes

We didn’t know how to use QR codes because we were thinking like marketers, not users. The average consumer wasn’t scanning QR codes because they didn’t see the print ad. They didn’t scan QR codes because it took extra steps, like downloading and onboarding a new mobile app. It was a poor user experience. But times have changed, and QR codes are now more useful than ever.

A Stagger White Paper

QR Codes: Using Location-Based Content to Improve Your Customer Experience


Turn the sidewalk into a lead generator.

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